Reasons for coming to Michigan

With such a massive technology company ( worth over a trillion dollars ) coming to Michigan, rather than going to Seattle, Austin, or even Silicon valley everyone was perplexed. This was clearly evident when the governers of Washington, California, and Texas reached out to Amazon asking why their state wasn't chosen. With so many people confused why Michigan was chosen, we ourselves reached out to the CEO (Andy Jassy). When I myself asked him during our Zoom call why Michigan was chosen he responded by saying, Michigan has a lot of great engineers and a talented workforce that we need at Amazon. We hope that in this new IT office we can solve some of Amazon's many problems and continue to thrive.

Economic Impact on Michigan

Regardless of why Michigan was chosen, the impact on this state's economy will be seen immediately. The reason for this is due to how in this new IT office three thousand jobs will be created. This is a lot of jobs and will help thosands of Michiganders find high paying employment right in this great state. In addition the hope is with Amazon coming to Michigan other Silicon Valley comapnies will also come. If the following does happen Michigan will be able to diversify from the auto industry and become an IT hub. Even if this is a hypothetical, lets hope the following happens since depending on one industry for economic growth is risky especially if that one industry begins to struggle.